When I feel frustrated

All of us have experience frustration I believe. We encounter frustration in our daily life. We may encounter them in many ways, from little things to big things. It maybe the time when you are playing a game and you are about to win a boss fight but then the electricity went out, or it might have been the time when you’ve been trying to solve one math problem for a very long time and still doesn’t get it right.

Frustration may come in many ways, but there’s also a lot of ways people use to calm themselves. Here are most ways people use to calm themselves; many people chose to practice stress eating, which is not really preferable cause it might leads you to other problems. Some people uses anger to express their frustration and some gets really depressed during frustration.  I think we should express our emotions carefully, cause it might harm other people too. You could always ask for advice from a trusted friend, parents, or teachers (Adults preferred since they have experienced everything we did). You could also listen to music that you like (it really helps). Well, there’re many more ways to express your emotions in a good way so think carefully before you choose how to express your emotions!

Okay so I talked about how we could express our feelings when we feel frustrated, so now I’m going to tell you how I handle with frustration. When I felt frustrated I usually went mad for a short while so that I could calm down, and after that listen to some jazz or soothing music should do it. Sometimes if I felt really frustrated I’ll complain it with my friends (well this is a really bad example ha-ha) anyway each person have different styles of expressing their own emotions and thought. I’ll be leaving for now so see you later.




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