Things I Spend My Money On

People has many of  their own individual wants and needs. In order to fulfill many of these wants, money is very much needed. I too have been keeping money to buy stuffs that I wanted. Then where did I get these money from? Many sources I would say. Weekly allowance from my parents, for example. I normally get a weekly allowance of 1500 bath. So 200 bath per day. I spent 80 bath each day on vehicles, 80 for my breakfast and dinner, I eat dinner at home to save daily expenses. So overall I spend an amount around 160 bath each day. I also have to pay for my own cellphone fee. Sometimes I don’t even have money left by the end of the week. So what I did is work part time during summer to earn more.

Things don’t easily come, we have to work hard for it. After I got to manage my own money, I found out that it is very hard to earn money. Sometimes people can’t wait for their pocket to be filled with money, so what they did was to  loan money from the bank. They borrow money from the bank so that they could fulfill their wants and needs. Money can be used for various stuffs; such as: hospital fees, school fees, and personal stuffs like electronic devices such as cellphones, mp4s, and such.

If we could look back into our history, you would see that we have spend so much money, probably enough for you to spend the next  years of your life. Money are hard to come and easy to go, therefore we should spend our money wisely. The way we spend money matters too.  I usually buy things from what I really needed and then my wants and need, a buying list. This way it would be easier for us to save money with a buying list. Saving another set of money is important too. This set is for spare money, in case you run out of money or bankrupt, you will still have these spare moneys for you to spend your daily needs.


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