A Memorable Songkran Holiday

I used to spend most of my Songkran holiday at Chiangrai. Since I have a lot of friends at Chiangrai I could just stay over at their house. One of my friend, a violinist, I used to stay at his house when I visit Chiangrai. I really love to spend time at his grandmother’s house, which was located on a mountain in the forest. Her house which is made out of woods, is totally cold, and I like it. His mother opens a gallery named Nine Gallery. We used to play Songkran in front of the gallery. But sometimes when we were bored we would get onto my friend’s pick-up truck and went into the city. In the city people would splash cold water even though it’s already very cold.

Even though it’s summer at Chiangrai, it still is very cold. Up in the mountain there’s always a mineral water bath when we are cold. There’s also many interesting food in Chiangrai, like Thai Northern style food. After a long day of playing Songkran me and my friend would usually eat hot pots and grills at the gallery. It was a very memorable moment. I’m always happy whenever I got to go to Chiangrai.


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