When Five Fell

Have you ever imagine a life from an everyday object’s perspective? have you ever tried looking from their view? When I was little I used to imagine myself talking to lifeless objects whether its a pen, pencil, chalk, or even an eraser. I always wonder, what would it be like if i was an object. So I think I will write down what 3 object thinks from their perspective enjoy.

He have bought me home today, he seems so happy when he had me. He put me in his bag, it was a dark and small place, i was placed together with the others they were just there, waiting for him to use, patiently. At first he really took good care of me, but nowadays he did not even clean me or even look after me. He throws me around and many times that i got lost. I am so tired, I wish he would value ma more.

He looks through me everyday, without me he would not be seeing things clearly as it should be. But since he bought he he rarely cleans me. He always kept me dirty and blurred. But he’s nice, I always cared for me and he kept me away from dangerous places. He is not that bad.

He uses me everyday, I enjoyed his company when he searches through websites and stuff. But recently he have only been talking about buying a new one. At first he thought of upgrading me, but then he said it would be better if I will buy a new one, this broke my heart. I felt like, I have been crushed into pieces, when he still uses me in such a happy looking face.




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