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What I want in breeze and what theme it should be

What I want in breeze would be something that would raise interest in people regardless of age and gender, appetite is what I want to appear in breeze. Stimulating appetite would require all 5 senses of a human being, however how do we stimulate people’s appetite to its full when there’s only a picture of a food available? That is not hard, we use words and critiques to visualized the other senses of a human.

When talking about appetite, the theme of it of course would be food. I believe that more than half of the student body will have interest in food and would like to read about it. There are some would prefer sweets and desserts over a meal too so I suggest that we do on food recommendation and one sweet recommendation this way we would be able to please many more people.


My personal goals this school year and what the school should achieve as a whole

I have made quite some goals for myself throughout this school year. Firstly it would be to get into my desired college, and that would require me to complete a portfolio, which means I have to do a lot of drawing this year. I would like to be able to enter Tokyo Geidai, or Tokyo University of Arts, faculty of animations. The college require me to take their entrance exam, which I will have to prepare for it starting now. Entering college would be my main goal, however I have quite some sub goals to achieve for myself, I am writing on a web-toon and drawing on a comic I would like to be able to complete it as much as possible this year. One of my other sub goals would be opening an art commission, which means that I draw art requests and I get money for it, in order to raise funds for myself both of these sub goals are also to help me practice my skills before I enter my college. My other main goal aside from drawing and college would be to graduate from high school.

On what the school should achieve as a whole, personally I believe there is a lot of what the school should achieve as a whole more than I can think of, so  I would be suggesting some of my Ideas. First would be that the boards of directors and the whole student body compromise, every year there are problems between these two groups, sometimes what the student body demands for, the school higher-ups are not able to provide it, and the reason for them not to do so is very broad and unclear. However sometimes the requests of the students are unclear or misunderstood, which became the root of misunderstanding throughout the whole school. Compromising between adults and teenagers are not an easy task, because of the different in age. However it is still possible a passive talk between two parties is needed. Together with the help of teachers and students alike I believe that it will contribute to help making our school a better place.