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What I want in breeze and what theme it should be

What I want in breeze would be something that would raise interest in people regardless of age and gender, appetite is what I want to appear in breeze. Stimulating appetite would require all 5 senses of a human being, however how do we stimulate people’s appetite to its full when there’s only a picture of a food available? That is not hard, we use words and critiques to visualized the other senses of a human.

When talking about appetite, the theme of it of course would be food. I believe that more than half of the student body will have interest in food and would like to read about it. There are some would prefer sweets and desserts over a meal too so I suggest that we do on food recommendation and one sweet recommendation this way we would be able to please many more people.


My personal goals this school year and what the school should achieve as a whole

I have made quite some goals for myself throughout this school year. Firstly it would be to get into my desired college, and that would require me to complete a portfolio, which means I have to do a lot of drawing this year. I would like to be able to enter Tokyo Geidai, or Tokyo University of Arts, faculty of animations. The college require me to take their entrance exam, which I will have to prepare for it starting now. Entering college would be my main goal, however I have quite some sub goals to achieve for myself, I am writing on a web-toon and drawing on a comic I would like to be able to complete it as much as possible this year. One of my other sub goals would be opening an art commission, which means that I draw art requests and I get money for it, in order to raise funds for myself both of these sub goals are also to help me practice my skills before I enter my college. My other main goal aside from drawing and college would be to graduate from high school.

On what the school should achieve as a whole, personally I believe there is a lot of what the school should achieve as a whole more than I can think of, so  I would be suggesting some of my Ideas. First would be that the boards of directors and the whole student body compromise, every year there are problems between these two groups, sometimes what the student body demands for, the school higher-ups are not able to provide it, and the reason for them not to do so is very broad and unclear. However sometimes the requests of the students are unclear or misunderstood, which became the root of misunderstanding throughout the whole school. Compromising between adults and teenagers are not an easy task, because of the different in age. However it is still possible a passive talk between two parties is needed. Together with the help of teachers and students alike I believe that it will contribute to help making our school a better place.


When Five Fell

Have you ever imagine a life from an everyday object’s perspective? have you ever tried looking from their view? When I was little I used to imagine myself talking to lifeless objects whether its a pen, pencil, chalk, or even an eraser. I always wonder, what would it be like if i was an object. So I think I will write down what 3 object thinks from their perspective enjoy.

He have bought me home today, he seems so happy when he had me. He put me in his bag, it was a dark and small place, i was placed together with the others they were just there, waiting for him to use, patiently. At first he really took good care of me, but nowadays he did not even clean me or even look after me. He throws me around and many times that i got lost. I am so tired, I wish he would value ma more.

He looks through me everyday, without me he would not be seeing things clearly as it should be. But since he bought he he rarely cleans me. He always kept me dirty and blurred. But he’s nice, I always cared for me and he kept me away from dangerous places. He is not that bad.

He uses me everyday, I enjoyed his company when he searches through websites and stuff. But recently he have only been talking about buying a new one. At first he thought of upgrading me, but then he said it would be better if I will buy a new one, this broke my heart. I felt like, I have been crushed into pieces, when he still uses me in such a happy looking face.



A Memorable Songkran Holiday

I used to spend most of my Songkran holiday at Chiangrai. Since I have a lot of friends at Chiangrai I could just stay over at their house. One of my friend, a violinist, I used to stay at his house when I visit Chiangrai. I really love to spend time at his grandmother’s house, which was located on a mountain in the forest. Her house which is made out of woods, is totally cold, and I like it. His mother opens a gallery named Nine Gallery. We used to play Songkran in front of the gallery. But sometimes when we were bored we would get onto my friend’s pick-up truck and went into the city. In the city people would splash cold water even though it’s already very cold.

Even though it’s summer at Chiangrai, it still is very cold. Up in the mountain there’s always a mineral water bath when we are cold. There’s also many interesting food in Chiangrai, like Thai Northern style food. After a long day of playing Songkran me and my friend would usually eat hot pots and grills at the gallery. It was a very memorable moment. I’m always happy whenever I got to go to Chiangrai.

My Favorite Books

I usually like to read a lot of books, but there are some that I especially like, these book inspire me in many ways. The excitement of reading never ends. I like to read these books over and over again and today I would like to share some of my favorite books.

The Tales of the Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume

I started reading this book because of my mother. She really like this series but she only have the translated version, so I bought the english version from the second hand book store. This book is one of my favorite books. I read this book when I was in fourth grade. The story always have unexpected and turns in events which makes it very interesting. It is also very hilarious so I enjoy reading it.

My Sweet Orange Tree by José Mauro De Vasconcelos

My mother dared me to read this book and not cry. If I finish this book without crying she would give me 3000 bath, and so the thing is, I cried. It is a very touching story of a boy who had grown in a slum. The story is very realistic and it reflects the author himself. This book has everything, from humor, tragedy, fantasy, and even love. Another one of my favorite so far.

The Divine Comedy by Dante

It is an epic poem. I really like the concept of this book. The book itself is consisted of 3 parts: Inferno (hell), Purgatorio (Mt. Purgatory), and Paradiso (Heaven). This book reflects the medieval idea’s of hell and heaven, and also what is sin at their time. Also it reflects the world of medieval times.

And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie 

And Then There Were None or Ten little Indian. The latest favorite I say. I really got inspired by this book, full of mystery. The story really drags me in. The fantasy of the mystery deaths a very complicated mystery. I am too writing a visual novel based on horror. So this book is actually my model book. I really like the concept of this book, closed room murder  and many more mysteries. A very addictive story and I recommend this book to anyone who is fond of mysteries this book is a “must read”.

Things I Spend My Money On

People has many of  their own individual wants and needs. In order to fulfill many of these wants, money is very much needed. I too have been keeping money to buy stuffs that I wanted. Then where did I get these money from? Many sources I would say. Weekly allowance from my parents, for example. I normally get a weekly allowance of 1500 bath. So 200 bath per day. I spent 80 bath each day on vehicles, 80 for my breakfast and dinner, I eat dinner at home to save daily expenses. So overall I spend an amount around 160 bath each day. I also have to pay for my own cellphone fee. Sometimes I don’t even have money left by the end of the week. So what I did is work part time during summer to earn more.

Things don’t easily come, we have to work hard for it. After I got to manage my own money, I found out that it is very hard to earn money. Sometimes people can’t wait for their pocket to be filled with money, so what they did was to  loan money from the bank. They borrow money from the bank so that they could fulfill their wants and needs. Money can be used for various stuffs; such as: hospital fees, school fees, and personal stuffs like electronic devices such as cellphones, mp4s, and such.

If we could look back into our history, you would see that we have spend so much money, probably enough for you to spend the next  years of your life. Money are hard to come and easy to go, therefore we should spend our money wisely. The way we spend money matters too.  I usually buy things from what I really needed and then my wants and need, a buying list. This way it would be easier for us to save money with a buying list. Saving another set of money is important too. This set is for spare money, in case you run out of money or bankrupt, you will still have these spare moneys for you to spend your daily needs.



When I feel frustrated

All of us have experience frustration I believe. We encounter frustration in our daily life. We may encounter them in many ways, from little things to big things. It maybe the time when you are playing a game and you are about to win a boss fight but then the electricity went out, or it might have been the time when you’ve been trying to solve one math problem for a very long time and still doesn’t get it right.

Frustration may come in many ways, but there’s also a lot of ways people use to calm themselves. Here are most ways people use to calm themselves; many people chose to practice stress eating, which is not really preferable cause it might leads you to other problems. Some people uses anger to express their frustration and some gets really depressed during frustration.  I think we should express our emotions carefully, cause it might harm other people too. You could always ask for advice from a trusted friend, parents, or teachers (Adults preferred since they have experienced everything we did). You could also listen to music that you like (it really helps). Well, there’re many more ways to express your emotions in a good way so think carefully before you choose how to express your emotions!

Okay so I talked about how we could express our feelings when we feel frustrated, so now I’m going to tell you how I handle with frustration. When I felt frustrated I usually went mad for a short while so that I could calm down, and after that listen to some jazz or soothing music should do it. Sometimes if I felt really frustrated I’ll complain it with my friends (well this is a really bad example ha-ha) anyway each person have different styles of expressing their own emotions and thought. I’ll be leaving for now so see you later.



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